5 Design Mistakes You Really DON'T Want to Make

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5 Design Mistakes You Really DON'T Want to Make

We really embrace the concept that the most important rules in kitchen design, are yours. However, working with an experienced design-to-install team is always a good choice. They’ll present you with all the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your space. Sometimes you’ll really, really want something—until a designer explains the potential implications. Below, explore five design mistakes you really don’t want to make.

Not Updating Your Layout

Unless your space has been expertly designed previously, there’s likely a better way to set it up. Technology, trends, and needs change over time. So should your kitchen. Or bathroom. Or any room. If you’re investing the money in updates, make sure the end result will be different enough to justify them. Design with both aesthetic and function in mind.

Not Properly Assessing the Size of Your Space

One of the most important aspects to consider, when designing any area, is usable space.

In two ways.

  1. How much space can be used by cabinetry, furniture…stuff?
  2. How much space can be reserved for you, and for guests…moving about?

Neither of these should be over or underestimated. You do not want to crowd your space with too much cabinetry, furniture, and decor. If you do, you’ll risk limiting the comfort presented to both you and your guests. Likewise, not including enough can leave a space feeling unfinished or overly sterile.

One of the most important recommendations designers will make to their clients, is in this regard.

Following a Trend…Too Much

Unless you’re planning on doing your space over, and over again every couple years—try not to rely too heavily on any one trend. Instead, focus on elements and design choices that truly inspire and resonate with you. This isn’t a lecture on avoiding trends all together, but rather a reminder to be intentional with your integration.

Shopping Around Based Solely on Price

Home improvement projects are definitely something you do not want to skimp out on. It is important to shop for people and products with a history. That compliment the ideas and goals you have for your project. When you put good quality product and work into your home, the investment holds. Lower quality work and product will need to be replaced and refinished, washing away any of the savings you originally expected.

This works the other way around as well. Just because something is the most expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best. Take the time to research, and make sure everything is a value you can justify.

Too Much or Too Little Color & Texture

Depending on the space, and your inspiration: you’ll find a balance between plain and eccentric that best fits your personality and lifestyle. Even in super simple styles, like Scandinavian, bursts of color and texture will help bring life to your space. Without it, your space risks being uninspiring…even, boring.

We’re ready to help make your spacial dreams come true. When you are, reach out.

We’ll steer you away from any of those design mistakes you really don’t want to make!



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