8 Bathroom Design Myths, Busted

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8 Bathroom Design Myths, Busted

Below, explore eight common bathroom design myths and the reasons they’ve been busted.

1. Floating vanities are exclusively modern.

Floating vanities tend to be a more modern element. However, with the right door style, hardware, and coordinating accessories: they can be just as traditional.

Floating vanities were designed to alleviate spacial issues in smaller rooms, not to draw lines between design styles and inspiration.

2. You can overuse tile.

You definitely can. But, not if you do it well.

We’d totally be here for a floor-to-ceiling ceiling-and-floor tiled bathroom. Just absolutely covered with an intentionally selected blend of tiles. There’s just something about quality tile-work that makes it oh so perfect for these spaces.

3. Only use one cabinetry feature.

Obviously we’re going to disagree with this one. A quality vanity is important, but if you have the space, why not accent it with a built in linen closet? Or separate makeup station. You certainly don’t want to overcrowd a smaller bathroom, but you’ll spend a lot of time in these spaces. They should be just as functional as they are pretty.

4. Wood floors can’t go in the bathroom.

When treated properly, wood flooring can be included in a bathroom without worry. It’s used outside on our decks, walkways, and structures—in other rooms of our homes—so, why not bring it into the bathroom?

This choice can also help to create a really natural feeling space.

5. Wallpaper shouldn’t go in a bathroom (or anywhere).

Like wood, when created with quality and installed with care, wallpaper presents no issue in the bathroom.

To some it feels antiquated, a thing of the past. But paint was around first. Wallpaper can be used on an accent wall, or on every wall—in any and every room of the home. There are certainly patterns and prints to avoid, but there are just as many (or more) that can add immense levels of personality and intrigue to your space.

We’ve been particularly inspired by Abigail Edwards’ work lately, but there are endless artisans out there creating all kinds of designs. Even completing bespoke work.

6. You have to enclose your shower.

With enough space (and enough of an angle) you can leave your shower open to the whole of your bathroom. Especially in a tile heavy space, this choice is easy to maintain and fully functional. It can help create an intimate and intriguing aesthetic for your space.

7. Adding crown moulding.

Crown moulding provides a certain elegance and sense of luxury, in any room of the home. Even the bathroom, even the shower. Again, when procured and placed properly, no will issues arise.

8. Jacuzzi tubs should stay in the 90s.

HGTV has smashed out so many jacuzzi tubs over the past decade, you probably think we’re crazy for saying that you can install one if you want one. But, they’re not that far off from a clawfoot or other standalone bathtub.

There are right and wrong ways to do everything in bath design. Let’s leave the gaudy inclusion of jacuzzi tubs in the 90s, and introduce thoughtful, current ways to integrate them instead.

— Ready to break some bathroom “rules?” So are we. Reach out and let’s get started, today!


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