Dealing With a Space, Pre-Renovation

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Dealing With a Space, Pre-Renovation

We’ve previously discussed that everyone’s remodel process can be quite a bit different. So, until you’re ready to start yours; check out these tips we’ve compiled for dealing with a space, pre-renovation. And, if you have any that currently make, or have made, living with yours a bit easier—please share them in the comments below! You never know if someone else may benefit from a similar solution.

Try Looking At Your Space Differently

This one might sound like a cheap shot right out of the gate, but it’s not. Especially if you have been living with your unsatisfactory space for a particularly long period of time, it can be hard to see past the shortcomings you deal with daily. The things you despise tend to make their presence known more frequently than the ones you don’t mind so much.

The responsibility for this belongs to our mindset. Which thankfully, we have the power to control. Try your hardest to walk back into the space with an open mind. What would be a more effective way to set this thing up?  Maybe— purchasing a small drawer set, or even some baskets. Sometimes, even just a fresh coat of paint can provide a big refresh to particularly disheartening areas of the home.

Instead of thinking negatively about your space, think positively about how you’ll do it differently. When you have the chance. Keep track of these ideas, fine-tune them—they’ll be quite helpful when your renovation planning starts. And, it can even help you to see your space differently in the meantime.

Stay Organized

It seems pretty straightforward, but if one of your chief complaints is a lack of storage, you might be able to solve this with a little more focus on organizing what’s going on behind closed cabinet doors. There is an almost endless selection of aftermarket storage solutions available from retailers, like Richelieu. These can be a great way to maximize cabinet and/or counter space, until you’re able to pull the reno plug.

Dealing with a pre-renovated space doesn’t have to be a total disaster. Find areas where you can take control—take it, and run with it.

Coordinate Accessories

If you have a really modern style, but currently an extremely traditional kitchen—this can be kind of hard. However, there is a lot of power that appliances and other accessories have to help alleviate the cringe factor of a subpar kitchen. While still a fairly sizable investment, purchasing a new set of appliances can really change up the feel of your space. This can be a good first investment into a future remodel. As long as you pick appliances you know you’ll love—they can be incorporated into your kitchen design later down the line. This effectively breaks up your overall remodel cost into stages, and will allow you to maximize functionality while beginning to alter the aesthetics as well.

This can also be achieved with counter-top appliances, even window treatments, dishware, or other coordinated décor pieces. Never underestimate the power of lower-cost elements. They still pull a lot of weight and will really begin to turn the overall design of your space in the right direction. You don’t have to give up and just wait to do it all at once. This could actually mean having to wait even longer!

Kitchen inspiration

While dealing with your space, pre-renovation, remember—the space of your dreams isn’t all that far away. And, when you’re ready to start your renovation process—make sure you avoid these 25 common mistakes.

Then, reach out! Make an appointment here, we’d be more than happy to help guide you through your process. From start, to finish—and beyond.

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