Must-Haves for Maximized Kitchen Functionality

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Must-Haves for Maximized Kitchen Functionality

Alright, you’ve renovated your kitchen and it is exactly how you’ve imagined it. The process was simple, you worked with an experienced design-to-install firm. But now, you need to accessorize. You need to make sure you have all the tools necessary to get any job done. How do you achieve maximized kitchen functionality?

Below, we’ve compiled a collection of after project products and accessories that can help make your experience, in your kitchen—even more enjoyable.

This 24 Piece Glass Container Set

One of the most important assets to any functional kitchen, is the ability to store securely and safely. Investing in quality, glass or ceramic storage containers is better for your health and the environment. Because they also last longer, they can be cheaper than traditional plastic storage containers over time.


This Ultimate Sink Console

The use of organizational elements ensures your space remains ready for use—at all times. This one, from Amazon, has room for all your most commonly used, washed, and reused supplies. Keeping them at easy access, and integrating them into your decor. It makes doing the dishes easier, and keeps it front of mind.



Or; This Less Bulky, Convertible Drying Rack

If the previously mentioned “ultimate sink console,” is a little too monstrous for you, or you don’t need any more inspiration to leave stuff out and about; this less bulky, convertible drying rack is for you.

Rather than using your kitchen towels to absorb water from your drying dishes, let them drain over the sink. Creating a space that wasn’t there before? Talk about maximized kitchen functionality.


A Range of Quality Cookware

We’re not recommending this particular brand or set over others. But seek out one like it. It seems obvious, you need these things to cook. Yes, but we are suggesting you purchase a quality set. This can add to the aesthetic of your space, and, you’ll have a more consistent cooking experience when using the same brand of products.



“Squeeze out your sponges when you’re done, and let them dry, not on the bottom of the sink.”

– Mothers Around The Globe


This Pack of Two In-Sink Sponge Holders

Just incase your mother never taught you this one: squeeze out your sponges when you’re done, and let them dry, not on the bottom of the sink.

Not only does it function as a bacteria condominium; it’s just unsightly and unrefined. For $6, you can elevate your space and ensure that you have a space for your sponge(s) to call home. And, you’ll make your mother proud.



Ensure Food Safety With This Wireless Thermometer

One sure fire way to taint the experience that is your new kitchen, is to serve unsafe food. To friends, family, even yourself. This wireless thermometer, and others like it, ensure you get every meal to a safe and enjoyable temperature, every time.

This one even has separate probes, to prevent cross contamination.

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