Should I Remodel My Space?

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Should I Remodel My Space?

People complete different renovations, for different reasons. There is no universal equation that you can plug reasons into, and use to calculate the perfect budget, style, timeframe, or even layout. Every process, and motivation, is different. This is why it is important to work with a group of professionals that have in-depth understandings of a range of home design best practices. Below, find five common reasons that may help you justify the remodel of your space(s).

Neutral Remodel

Aesthetic Updates

Being unhappy with the look and/or feel of a particular space in your home can be way more detrimental than you might imagine. The way the spaces you spend time in make you feel, has a big impact on you and your family. It is important to live in a space that is expressive of you and your family’s lifestyle and personality. Use this time to create something that is beautiful, but that also truly embodies how you use your space (and how you want to be able to use it).

Functionality Overhaul

If being in your kitchen is more of a pain than a pleasure, it’s time to renovate. We can attest to the fact that meals from a kitchen a chef enjoys being in, are much more than palatable. Where there’s room to gather, family and friends experience better connection.

Perhaps there’s an office space absolutely no one enters anymore—it just doesn’t function. How much productivity have you been sacrificing, and for how long? You shouldn’t be missing out on areas in your own home.

We found some interesting perspectives in this article about the psychology of renovation.

Immediate Resale Value

Is there an area of your home that you never got around to updating before you made the decision to sell? Sometimes, this means your home stays on the market for a while. Or that buyers ask for huge price cuts. A slightly smaller investment in the remodel of a space that severely needs it, could actually save you from losing money on your sale. If you’re planning to sell your home in the next twelve to twenty-four months, it might make sense to have some work done to ensure your listing shines when you need it to.

Longer Term Home Value Investment

If you’re planning to be in your space for an indefinitely long period of time, making the investment is usually an easy decision. Rather than just getting the job done with some standard design you can get used to. High quality, highly custom kitchens; baths; and other spaces are certainly worth enjoying. In this scenario, you get to live in your personalized space for years to come—still reaping the resale benefit fifteen, even twenty or more years down the line.

Repurposing Your Property

Perhaps you’ve recently purchased your dream home, and have decided to test out being a real estate mogul rather than just listing your previous space. Seemingly innocuous shortcomings of a space may be easy for you, or a potential buyer to overlook. However, in the rental market, a well-designed, neutral and functional space sees the best return on investment. Before you make this decision, check out this article about turning your old home into a rental property, and make sure it’s for you.

Ultimately, you might not spend as much money or time on the details in this space. As you may need to perform updates more frequently to adapt to market trends and address wear-and-tear.

Simple, neutral, versatile kitchen designs usually perform best in rentals.

Simple Kitchen Design
This list is by no means all inclusive. Really, any reason you and those you trust see as valid, is valid. Our designers have years of experience completing a range of projects, for a range of clients, for a range of reasons. They have a deep understanding of the process, and how to personally adapt it to each unique client and their specific goals.

No matter the reason you want or need to remodel, we’re excited to be a valuable resource for you. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea at all, McCormick’s expert designers are ready for you to make an appointment. And, to transform your space⁠—for whatever reason that may be.



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