How to Make Your Smaller Kitchen Feel Bigger

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How to Make Your Smaller Kitchen Feel Bigger

Is the dedicated kitchen space in your home just not enough? Fortunately, we are more than capable of taking down walls, moving windows or doors, and even building on additions to create a bigger footprint for your space. However, these solutions don’t always work in every situation, or for everyone. Whether due to budget, or the fact that surrounding spaces cannot be altered: do not fret! Quality, custom kitchen design and installation has just as much power to make your smaller kitchen feel bigger.

Focus On Storage

One clear signifier of a small space, is clutter. Avoid this by including plenty of storage so that you don’t have to leave things out and about. Kitchen technology evolves by the day. There is endless opportunity for pullouts, dividers, and other solutions that make your cabinetry even more effective.

Include a mix of drawers and doors to help ensure every interior inch of your cabinetry is being used effective and efficiently.

Embrace Contrast

One of the best ways to make your kitchen feel bigger (or any space really) is to find a few points of contrast. Choosing different colors for your upper and lower cabinetry (or an accent island if you have the room) can be one of the most blatant ways to achieve this goal.

The reason contrast is so effective for this endeavor is that it provides more to look at. It offers more for the eye to take in, and therefore takes a little longer for the mind to process the entirety of the space. On the other hand, a monotone space is simple to look at and quick to digest.

This can also be achieved through the selection of backsplash, countertop, hardware, appliance finishes, flooring, decor, and so much more.

People often assume that contrast implies something excessively jarring. It doesn’t. A soft white, and a cool grey provide a muted but visible difference. You can play with painted cabinetry and wood stains. You might have to adjust your comfort zone a little to embrace this concept, but you don’t have to leave it entirely.

Kitchen inspiration

Include Texture & Color

This goes hand-in-hand with embracing contrast; find unique elements that speak to you, and help to express your personality. Perhaps a bespoke wallpaper, some shiplap, or even just a different color paint on some accent wall. You might consider leathering or honing your countertop for a more muted, but unique and textured element. Maybe a handmade tile with imperfect edges for your flooring or backsplash would be a more comfortable place for you to begin to seek out textures.

Consider Your Cabinetry…Beyond Color

In addition to the color of your cabinetry, there are other choices that must be made. What door style? Inset, or overlay? Sizes? Height? Depth?

Rather than seeking perfect symmetry, find excitement in playing around with what cabinetry you’ll include (and how you’ll include it).

  • You might decide to use some glass doors to help open up your space.
  • You might use thinner, taller cabinetry to squeeze a few more into your space.
  • You might vary the height and/or depth of some cabinets as another form of contrast.

Whatever you do, don’t feel limited by the size of your space. It really doesn’t matter. There are plenty of customizations and design elements that can be made to ensure you can fit everything you want into your new space. Looking for some further reading on the topic? Try this article by Remodelista.

There are a lot of decisions to decide on, and considerations to consider when redesigning any aspect of your home. This is why it is important to work with an experienced design to install firm that will help navigate these waters.

We’re experts in spaces of all shapes, sizes, and functions. Looking to change yours up? Let’s connect!

We look forward to helping make your smaller kitchen feel bigger. Or, your bigger kitchen feel even more custom and personal.

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